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Use Photoshop to quickly turn photos into cartoons




This feature of Adobe Photoshop allows users to transform normal photos into a cartoonish style. In a few simple steps, users can take advantage of tools and effects in Photoshop, such as Poster Edges and Liquify, to create unique cartoon and comic effects. Features include converting photos into smart objects for non-destructive editing, applying poster edge effects, and saving cartoonized photos.
Adobe Photoshop
Personal photo creative processing, comic effect production, artistic style exploration
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • Convert personal photos to cartoon style
  • Provide a unique artistic style for comic creation
  • Create personalized avatar with artistic style

The features of the tool:

  • Photos are converted to smart objects
  • Apply the Poster Edges effect
  • Save cartoonish photos
  • Liquify tool creates exaggerated features

Tool’s Tabs: Image processing,Ai comics generation

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