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ChatGPT Wrapped 2023

View the 2023 ChatGPT chat history report




ChatGPT Wrapped 2023 is an unofficial website that can upload ChatGPT chat logs to generate a data-driven chat report. The report includes the number of chats, time spent reading, and the most frequently used prompt words. Simple, free to use, no registration required.
ChatGPT Wrapped 2023
Check your usage on ChatGPT
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • I chat a lot on ChatGPT and use this site to keep track of my chats for a year
  • The site tells me how many times a year I interact with ChatGPT
  • Upload chat history and get free chat report

The features of the tool:

  • Upload ChatGPT chat records
  • Generate chat data reports
  • Compare individual data with group data

Tool’s Tabs: ChatGPT, a chatbot

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