Co-Producer is a set of AI features we’re building to help music creators spend more time creating and less time searching, starting with the Pack Generator. Pack Generator is a powerful sample pack generator that allows you to create unique royalty-free sample packs with text descriptions. Users can choose different moods, instruments, genres or reference artists for instant inspiration. With the generated sample package, users can quickly bring ideas to life and create in any digital audio workstation.
Music creation, music production, music arrangement
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • Generate a unique set of royalty-free sample packs with Pack Generator for electronic music production
  • Generate sample packages with specific moods and instruments based on the description for film score creation
  • Get ideas quickly and drag and drop samples to music production software to speed up the music creation process

The features of the tool:

  • A royalty-free sample pack can be generated by description
  • Get ideas quickly and speed up your creation
  • Provides high-quality audio samples that can be dragged and dropped directly into any DAW

Tool’s Tabs: AI, music creation

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