DilGPT is a next generation personalized AI chatbot that will help you gain more power in your language learning journey. It provides real-time correction, interlanguage translation, speech recognition and TTS to help accelerate the learning process. DilGPT can be used for learning, testing, practice and communication, and is suitable for educational, work and personal use.
DilGPT can be used to learn new languages, test language proficiency, practice speaking and writing, and provide real-time correction and grammar checking capabilities to help users strengthen their language skills.
The features of the tool:

  • Real-time correction message
  • Interlanguage translation
  • Speech recognition and TTS
  • Personalized dialogue
  • Syntax checking
  • Dialog difficulty selection
  • Chat with different characters
  • Quiz and flash card

Tool’s Tabs: Chatbots, language learning

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