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Exploring the self through drawing,AI analyzes drawings to reveal personality




This is an App that uses AI technology to analyze hand-drawn content and gain insight into the user’s personality and psychological characteristics. Users draw in the App, and then AI will analyze the style, content and other information of the image to generate a personality report of the user, including personality tendencies, potential interests, emotional states and so on. The App has easy-to-use drawing tools and social functions to share drawings. The App can be used as a diary substitute or as a personality test tool.
Learn about yourself, improve your self-knowledge, and share it with friends to deepen your understanding
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • Draw a picture that represents your inner world, and the AI analyzes your calm and introverted personality
  • Draw your ideal life and look at your ambitions and passions
  • Give a friend a picture and see how the AI interprets him in your eyes

The features of the tool:

  • Intelligent analysis of hand-drawn content
  • Generate personality reports
  • Simple drawing tool
  • Social sharing function

Tool’s Tabs: Personality analysis, fun

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