Fryderyk is a music production web application with integrated AI assistant that provides an in-browser music creation environment with support for plug and play, connected microphones or any MIDI instrument. Users can access an extensive library of virtual instruments, apply effects such as reverberation, distortion, delay and mixing tools, and perform audio editing, recording and editing. Fryderyk also offers cloud storage, where projects are automatically saved and synced to all devices. Its built-in generative AI is capable of expanding the user’s ideas or providing new ideas when the user hits a creative bottleneck.
Fryderyk is suitable for music producers, composers and anyone interested in music creation. By providing an easy-to-use online platform and AI-assisted features, it helps users quickly start projects, inspire creativity, and provide support during the creative process.
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • Music producers use Fryderyk to quickly generate music clips and build new tracks.
  • Composers use AI-generated inspiration to create unique pieces of music.
  • Music lovers can teach themselves how to make music with Fryderyk’s virtual instrument library and sound tools.

The features of the tool:

  • Make music in your browser
  • Connect a microphone or MIDI instrument for plug and play
  • Access the virtual musical instrument library
  • Apply sound effects and mixing tools such as reverb, distortion, delay, etc
  • Record and edit audio
  • Cloud storage: items are automatically saved and synchronized to all devices
  • Generative AI provides creative inspiration or suggests new ideas

Steps for Use:

  • Visit the Fryderyk website and register an account.
  • Connect your microphone or MIDI instrument.
  • Select and add virtual instruments to your project.
  • Edit music using sound effects and mixing tools.
  • Record the audio and edit it.
  • Use an AI assistant to get creative ideas or expand existing music snippets.
  • Export the completed project to WAV, MIDI, or MP3 format.

Tool’s Tabs: Music creation, assisted by AI

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