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Websites that match you to a playlist based on your mood




ImFeeling is a music site that plays a playlist based on a user’s mood. Users enter the current mood, the website will intelligently match the mood corresponding to the song list, the user can listen to the music while adjusting the mood. The website has a large number of legitimate songs and supports personalized recommendations. Its simple interaction and humanized emotion recognition function, so that users can easily find the music that suits their current mood, is a quality music companion.
Music lovers, users who want to adjust their mood through music
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • I am in a good mood today. I found many sunny and happy playlists on ImFeeling, and I feel very happy listening to the music
  • After a long day at work, I typed in my mood “tired” on ImFeeling and found many soothing and relaxing songs
  • Feeling bored after a day off, I searched for “passion” in the ImFeeling playlist and found lots of dynamic music

The features of the tool:

  • Emotion recognition intelligence matches playlists
  • Massive legitimate song resources
  • Support personalized recommendation
  • Simple way to interact
  • Humanized emotion recognition function

Tool’s Tabs: Fun, games and entertainment

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