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IndieHackers RPG

An indie hacker-themed game modeled after a classic RPG




IndieHackers RPG is a personal weekend project that combines classic RPG charm with AI-driven dialogue innovation. It’s both a nod to the RPGS I used to play and a playful comment on the indie hacker community.
IndieHackers RPG
Provide a relaxed and fun game experience, so that players can not only recall the classic RPG, but also enjoy the innovative fun brought by AI dialogue.
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • You can interact with any NPC in AI-powered dialogue
  • Help the protagonist achieve the goal of 10,000 monthly sales by collecting information and completing tasks
  • The classic operating experience of using the keyboard throughout

The features of the tool:

  • Use classic RPG elements
  • Supports AI-driven non-player character dialogue
  • Play for free

Tool’s Tabs: Independent hacker, fun

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