InstantX is an independent research organization focused on AI content generation, working on text-to-image generation technologies. His research projects include style-preserving text-to-image generation (InstantStyle) and zero-sample identity retention generation (InstantID). The organization conducts project updates and exchanges through the GitHub community to promote the application and development of AI in the field of image generation.
InstantX’s target audience is AI researchers, developers, and graphics generation enthusiasts. They can use InstantX’s model and technology to quickly generate images with specific style or identity characteristics to meet personalized image generation needs.
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • Researchers used InstantStyle to generate images with specific artistic styles.
  • Developers use InstantID to quickly generate avatars with specific identity characteristics.
  • Image generation enthusiasts explore new image generation techniques through community projects.

The features of the tool:

  • InstantStyle: Maintaining style consistency in text-to-image generation.
  • InstantID: Rapid generation of zero sample identity retention.
  • Community projects, including SD3-Controlnet-Pose and HunyuanDIT-Controlnet-Pose, provide different control networks for more accurate image generation.
  • Model update: Periodically update the model to improve the quality and accuracy of the generated images.
  • Community Participation: Through the GitHub community, users can participate in discussions, contribute code, and make suggestions.
  • Research projects: Conducting cutting-edge AI content generation research to promote technological progress.

Steps for Use:

  • Visit InstantX’s GitHub page to stay up to date on research projects and community dynamics.
  • Choose a model or project of interest and read the relevant documentation and guidelines.
  • Follow the guide to set up your development environment, download and install the required dependencies and tools.
  • Experiment and test image generation using provided apis or code samples.
  • Participate in community discussions and share your own generation results and experiences.
  • Contribute code to projects or suggest improvements to help drive technology development.

Tool’s Tabs: AI, image generation

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