Melobytes is an online platform that offers a variety of AI-based creative tools to help you explore the boundaries of art, music, and more. With our easy-to-use app, you can create unique and interesting content for yourself and your friends. Endless possibilities await you. Melobytes are intended for playful and experimental purposes, providing a starting point and inspiration for creativity. By subscribing to Melobytes, you’ll get unlimited access to all your apps, supporting our continued exploration of AI ideas. Pricing: Free access (up to 5 executions per day); Subscription (one-time or regular subscription).
Melobytes can be used for music creation, artistic exploration, personal entertainment and more.
The features of the tool:

  • AI converts text to songs
  • The AI turns the images into songs
  • AI generates unique songs
  • AI converts text to rap songs
  • AI turns images and videos into music
  • AI turns selfies into singers
  • AI generates images from text descriptions

Tool’s Tabs: AI, music creation

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