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Melodisco is an AI music player that offers AI-generated music in a variety of styles, including pop, latest, random, and more. Users can discover new and interesting AI music and create their own AI music. The product is positioned as a music discovery and creation platform that meets the needs of music lovers.
Music discovery and creation
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • Users can discover popular, up-to-date and random AI-generated music on Melodisco and enjoy various styles of AI music works.
  • Melodisco provides a rich AI music library, and users can explore and discover music according to their own interests and needs.
  • Melodisco not only provides music appreciation, but also supports users to create their own AI music to meet the creative needs of music enthusiasts.

The features of the tool:

  • Music discovery
  • Pop music recommendation
  • Latest music releases
  • Random play
  • Creating AI music

Tool’s Tabs: AI music, music discovery

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