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Customization of diffusion models without training




RB-Modulation is a new training free personalized diffusion model solution based on stochastic optimal control released by Google. It enables precise extraction and control of style and content by encoding the desired attributes at the end cost, without additional training, to generate an image that is consistent with the style of the reference image and follows the given text prompts. This technique maintains high fidelity to the reference image and follows the given prompts through a novel attentional feature aggregation (AFA) module without training, which has important research and application value.
RB-Modulation is suitable for application scenarios where it is necessary to quickly generate images that conform to specific style and content requirements, such as art creation, design, game development, etc. It is especially suitable for users who want fast, high-quality image generation results without in-depth knowledge of machine learning.
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • Artists use RB-Modulation to quickly generate art works according to their personal style
  • Designers use this technology to create unique looks for game characters
  • Advertising companies use RB-Modulation to generate advertising images that conform to the brand style

The features of the tool:

  • The diffusion model can be customized without training
  • Precise extraction of style and content through end-cost coding
  • Maintain high fidelity to the reference image
  • Follow the given text prompts to generate images
  • No need to rely on external adapters or ControlNets
  • Separate content and style with the Attentional Feature Aggregation (AFA) module
  • In theory, the optimal control and inverse diffusion dynamics are connected

Steps for Use:

  • Visit the official website of RB-Modulation
  • Understand the basic principles and technical features of RB-Modulation
  • Select the appropriate reference images and text prompts according to your individual needs
  • Upload the reference image and enter the corresponding text prompt
  • Wait for RB-Modulation to generate the result
  • Evaluate whether the generated image meets the requirements and make any necessary adjustments

Tool’s Tabs: Image generation, style transfer

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