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Tavern of Azoth

Character, creature, equipment generator




Tavern of Azoth is an AI-powered generation tool that can be used to generate characters, MOBS, equipment, and merchants. It offers handmade adventure missions, independent game scripts, and editable, shareable, and exportable creatures, merchants, and equipment.
Tavern of Azoth
For character, creature and equipment generation in role-playing games
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • Create a unique character and join the adventure party
  • Generate a powerful monster as an opponent in the BOSS battle
  • Create a special list of items for merchants in the game

The features of the tool:

  • Generate handmade adventure quests
  • Generate indie game scripts
  • Generate unique MOBS, merchants, and equipment
  • Edit, share, and export the generated content

Tool’s Tabs: Fun, image generation

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