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Generate original text and rewrite existing content.




Phrasly is a comprehensive writing tool powered entirely by artificial intelligence. It can generate original text and rewrite existing content, helping users save time, improve their grades, and easily bypass AI detectors like TurnItIn and GPTZero. Phrasly also offers features such as human-like AI content and AI detectors, grammar checkers, a money-back guarantee, multi-language support, and collaborative writing.

Users can choose between free or paid plans to access different features and services.


Target Audience:

“Phrasly is suitable for individuals and organizations in need of writing, especially those who need to generate large amounts of text, such as students, writers, marketers, and businesses.”

Use Case Examples:

Students use Phrasly to generate original text and rewrite existing content to save time and improve grades.

Writers use Phrasly to generate ideas and outlines, eliminating writing obstacles.

Businesses use Phrasly to generate marketing copy and blog articles to increase brand awareness and sales.

Product Features:

Generate original text and rewrite existing content

Human-like AI content to bypass AI detectors

AI detectors to check if content is AI-generated

Grammar checker to check and correct grammar errors

Money-back guarantee to ensure authentic content

Multi-language support, including English, Spanish, French, German, and more

Collaborative writing to eliminate writing obstacles

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