AI model is an AI business shooting tool designed for e-commerce sellers. With AI models as the core, we provide one-stop AI business shooting solutions to help e-commerce sellers solve the problems of high cost and low efficiency of traditional business shooting. Through intelligent business shooting, clothing model picture, product scene picture, product matting and other functions, so that e-commerce sellers can easily and efficiently shoot and process product pictures. AI models provide customized model functions, which can train exclusive model models with corporate brand characteristics, and create personalized business shooting experience for e-commerce sellers.
AI model
AI models are suitable for the scenes of e-commerce sellers shooting and processing product pictures, which can greatly improve the efficiency of business shooting and reduce costs.
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • E-commerce sellers use AI models to shoot clothing models with one click to improve the effect of product display.
  • AI models help e-commerce sellers shoot commercial-grade product scenes to increase sales conversion rates.
  • Through the product matting function of AI models, e-commerce sellers can easily remove the background of goods and improve the quality of pictures.

The features of the tool:

  • Intelligent commercial auction
  • Costume model
  • Commodity scene drawing
  • Product matting
  • Custom model

Tool’s Tabs: AI business auction, e-commerce sellers

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