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DreaMoving is a controllable video generation framework based on diffusion model for generating high quality custom human dance videos. Given the target identity and pose sequence, DreaMoving can generate a video of the target identity that drives the pose sequence to dance anywhere. To this end, we propose a video control network for motion control and a content seeker to retain identity information. The model is easy to use and can be adapted to most stylized diffusion models to produce diverse results.
Users can use DreaMoving to generate high-quality customized human dance videos by simply providing the target identity and pose sequences.
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • Use DreaMoving to generate a video of a girl dancing on the beach
  • Use DreaMoving to generate a video of a man dancing in front of an Egyptian pyramid
  • Use DreaMoving to generate a video of a girl dancing in a French town

The features of the tool:

  • Video generation based on diffusion model
  • Supports custom poses and identities
  • Provides motion control and content seeker
  • Supports simple text and image descriptions

Tool’s Tabs: Video generation,Ai image to video

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