Formula God is a website product that provides a conversational AI assistant for Google Sheets. It allows users to make various requests in natural language, such as adding rows or columns, calculating sums, finding maximum values, and more. The assistant automatically translates these requests into formulas and inserts them into the sheet, greatly improving spreadsheet operation efficiency. Main functions include format conversion, data manipulation, and visual presentation. The advantages are simplicity and efficiency, enabling spreadsheet automation without programming. Pricing includes a free version and a paid premium version. The product is designed to enhance spreadsheet users’ work efficiency and make spreadsheet operations simple and fun.

Formula God

Target Audience:

<"Analyzing spreadsheet data with natural language", "Automatically completing repetitive spreadsheet tasks", "Providing spreadsheet automation for users without programming skills">

Example Use Cases:

  • Add yesterday’s sales data to this week’s data
  • Calculate total revenue for 2022
  • Display monthly expenses using a bar chart

Tool Features:

  • Natural language processing
  • Formula generation
  • Data manipulation
  • Format conversion
  • Data visualization

Tool Tags: Spreadsheet Processing, Productivity Tools,

data statistics

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