Kula is a recruitment automation platform that offers end-to-end automation solutions from discovering candidates to sending personalized messages. It supports various channels for sending personalized messages, ensures high email delivery rates through multi-step processes, and provides features such as AI-generated personalized content, automated referrals through employee networks, and one-click analysis tracking.

Kula AI

Target Audience:

Kula is suitable for recruiters who need to actively recruit candidates.

Example Use Cases:

  • Recruiting companies use Kula to automate sending personalized recruitment messages to potential candidates.
  • Internal HR teams in enterprises utilize Kula’s employee network referral feature to quickly find suitable talent.
  • Recruiters use Kula’s analysis tracking feature to understand the effectiveness and conversion rates of recruitment campaigns.

Tool Features:

  • Candidate discovery
  • Personalized message sending
  • Multi-step processes
  • High email delivery rates
  • AI-generated personalized content
  • Automated referrals through employee networks
  • One-click analysis tracking

Tool Tags: AI office assistant, efficiency assistant

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