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Pic Copilot is an AI-driven image optimization tool for e-commerce using an image generation model. It can effectively improve the click conversion rate of pictures through the training of a large number of picture click data, so as to optimize the marketing effect of e-commerce. Its key advantage is to improve the click conversion rate of images, thereby enhancing the effect of e-commerce marketing. It is the data result of Alibaba team training, which can significantly optimize the click-to-conversion performance of images.
Pic Copilot
It is suitable for e-commerce marketing scenarios that require rapid batch generation and optimization of images to improve product display
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • Use Pic Coliilot to generate and replace product details page images with one click
  • Use the Pic Coliilot extension to generate a variety of product promotional images
  • Optimize advertising banner images with Pic Coliilot to increase click-through rate

The features of the tool:

  • Intelligently generate multiple styles of images
  • Optimize image click conversion rate
  • Various templates and themes are available
  • Generate and replace images with one click

Tool’s Tabs: E-commerce marketing,AI

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