Pika is a video production platform where users can upload their own creative ideas and Pika will automatically generate relevant videos. The main functions are: support a variety of creative ideas to video, video effect professional, easy to use. The platform uses a free trial model and is positioned for creatives and video lovers.
Suitable for individuals and smes who need to make promotional videos quickly; Suitable for creative people who have video ideas but lack production ability.
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • Users enter travel blog posts and Pika automatically generates relevant travel promotion videos
  • Users upload product design sketches, and Pika quickly presents videos showing product features
  • Users provide wedding themes and music, and Pika produces a full wedding video

The features of the tool:

  • Support text, sketch, audio and other ways to input ideas
  • Ai generates high-quality video
  • Multiple video templates and effects to choose from
  • Support online video editing and publishing

Tool’s Tabs: Video production, artificial intelligence

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