Runway is a creative tool platform that provides video editing, image generation, artificial intelligence training and more. It can help users generate videos, edit images, train custom AI models, and more. Runway offers a variety of AI magic tools, including video to video, text/image to video, delete background and asset management, and the latest dynamic brush supports one swipe of image to video. Users can choose the right tools to create according to their needs. Runway is suitable for a wide range of creative scenarios, including design, video production, music, writing and more.
Suitable for design, video production, music, writing and other creative scenes
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • Use Runway to generate realistic beach videos
  • Use Runway to edit images and generate artwork
  • Use Runway to train custom AI models

The features of the tool:

  • Video editing
  • Image generation
  • Artificial intelligence training

Tool’s Tabs: Video editing, generate video

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