Dashtoon Studio

Dashtoon Studio
Dashtoon Studio makes comic creation feel like a breeze with consistent characters, composition control and much more

Dashtoon Studio is an AI-based manga creation and generation tool that can generate complete comics with just one click with just a few prompts.

Dashtoon Studio uses lora for character consistency and also supports a variety of comic book styles. Dashtoon has a powerful comic editor that can be used to adjust image and text content. The functionality is mature.

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Dashtoon Studio demo

You can use it for free by logging in with your Google account, and I will briefly demonstrate the process of generating comics with one click.

Describe the comic content you write in one sentence, and the AI will automatically generate the chapter content.

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Seven manga styles are currently supported, choose one.

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The AI will automatically match you with characters from the comic book story, and if you don't like it, you can pick it yourself or upload a photo.

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Wait a few minutes for a simple comic story, and you're done. If you think the content of the AI Birthday Stem is too simple. Dashtoon has a rich manga editing panel where images, text, bubbles, permutations, and more can be edited.

Finally, there are a lot of novel videos in China, all of which are simply pieced together with pictures, and with dubbing, you can have a good number of playbacks. You can refer to the model of the novel video and make an anime comic video, is it feasible?

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