(Extract document and web content) (Extract document and web content)
Upload a PDF document, web link or paste the text directly, will extract key information and use the power of ChatGPT to realize intelligent question and answer and dialogue.
Hot:117 is an online SaaS platform that builds a knowledge base and chatbot based on ChatGPT. Users can upload PDF documents, web links, or paste text directly, and extract key information and harness the power of ChatGPT to enable intelligent Q&A and conversations. Users can also customize the chatbot's style and embed it on their own websites. The product has functions such as knowledge base Q&A, web content extraction, and code-free chatbot embedding, which can greatly improve work efficiency and enhance user stickiness. The pricing is reasonable and it is positioned for small and medium-sized enterprises. (Extract document and web content)


"For businesses that want to use AI to provide intelligent services, such as knowledge base Q&A, web content extraction, website chatbots, etc."

Examples of use cases:

Upload product manuals to implement an intelligent knowledge base

Extract key web content and generate document summaries

Embed chatbots on your website to increase user stickiness


Support for uploading PDF documents and web links

Intelligently extract document and web content

Implement the Q&A function based on ChatGPT

Support for custom chatbots

Chatbots can be embedded into websites

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