Tantl (Data warehouse AI assistant)

Tantl (Data warehouse AI assistant)

Tantl is a tool that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence to make data warehouses easy to use and operate. No longer do you need to write complex SQL queries, wait for weeks to get answers, or tackle access control issues. Unlock your data warehouse with natural language and drive business growth. Tantl can serve as your data assistant, helping you answer data query questions. It utilizes generative artificial intelligence to learn the expertise of your organization. Tantl also offers fully controlled data governance, allowing specified tables and columns to be maintained for security and privacy. It also supports secure connections to mainstream databases and data warehouses and provides industry-leading security practices.

Tantl (Data warehouse AI assistant)

Target Audience:
Tantl is suitable for various data query scenarios, providing answers and assistance to data problems, improving query speed.

Tool Features:

  • AI-generated SQL queries
  • Data governance and access control
  • Connections to various databases and data warehouses
  • Natural language querying and answering
  • Data conversations via Slack
  • Converting queries into alerts

Tool Tags: Development, Artificial Intelligence

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  • by AI Collection Published on 2024-04-28 09:25:51
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