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An online tool that automatically generates PDF documents with one click




PDFMonkey is an online PDF generation platform that allows users to automatically generate personalized PDF documents through templates and apis without writing code. It provides a powerful Dashboard where users can design and manage templates and preview effects in real time. Simply call the API to pass the JSON data, and you can generate beautifully designed PDF files. The product can save hundreds of working hours for enterprises and is widely used in the generation of PDF documents for various customized software tools.

Usage Scenario Examples:

  • Design templates in Dashboard, upload JSON data, and generate report PDF with one click
  • The customer management system calls the API based on the data and automatically generates monthly reports for each customer
  • Subscribe to e-commerce, users regularly send member-specific promotions PDF every month

The features of the tool:

  • Create and manage PDF templates
  • Call the API to generate PDF documents
  • Preview the template effect in real time
  • Insert chart support
  • Import external CSS, fonts, etc

Tool’s Tabs: PDF,Ai office assistant

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