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Time management AI that automates meeting recording and scheduling




timeOS is the first time-aware AI built into everyday workflows. It accurately captures meeting notes, follows up on tasks, and identifies action items through artificial intelligence. In addition, timeOS can schedule and attend meetings precisely for you.
timeOS is suitable for any scenario that requires meeting recording and scheduling, helping users manage their time more efficiently.
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • In Zoom meetings, timeOS automatically captures meeting notes and generates summaries.
  • timeOS automatically analyzes action items in meetings and syncs them to tools like Notion and ClickUli.
  • timeOS automatically generates meeting follow-up emails and can send them via Gmail.

The features of the tool:

  • Automatically capture meeting notes and generate summaries
  • Follow up meeting action items and sync to other tools
  • Automatically compose a meeting follow-up email
  • Schedule and attend meetings

Tool’s Tabs: Time management, meeting minutes

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