Delphi is a platform for creators, coaches, and experts to create their own digital clones, enabling them to interact with fans anytime, anywhere, on any platform. Users can upload their audio data, and Delphi will train a custom AI model to simulate the user’s voice. This AI clone can answer fans’ questions 24/7, expanding the user’s influence.


Target Audience:
“For creators, coaches, public figures, and others who want to expand their influence.”

Example Use Cases:

  • Writer Xiao Wang created his own AI writing assistant that can answer readers’ questions 24/7.
  • Coach Xiao Zhang created an AI clone to help students ask questions at any time.
  • Singer Xiao Zhao’s AI virtual idol can interact with fans in real-time.

Tool Features:

  • Upload voice to train AI model
  • Customized voice clone
  • 24/7 answering fans’ questions

Tool Tags: Fun, Entertainment

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