Addy AI is a customer service AI designed for retail and e-commerce brands, utilizing your business data to train customized AI, understand customer needs, and automatically respond to customer inquiries, improving response time by 10 times.


Target Audience:
Suitable for customer service in retail and e-commerce brands

Example Use Cases:

  • An e-commerce brand can use Addy AI to automatically respond to customer inquiries, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • A retail brand can leverage Addy AI to quickly handle a large volume of customer inquiries, improving work efficiency.
  • An online store can use Addy AI to provide customers with timely and accurate product information, enhancing the shopping experience.

Tool Features:

  • Utilize Google Drive to store and access user chat records, embeds, and knowledge bases
  • Support calling various AI models for inference
  • Built-in chatbot management system for easy configuration and management of chatbots

Tool Tags: Chatbot, Intelligent Chat

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