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Plutis (Providing online mental health services)

Providing online mental health services




Plutis is a product that provides online mental health services. Users can communicate with professional psychologists through the website to receive personalized AI-assisted psychological counseling. The product offers two main features: video communication with professional psychologists and AI-assisted psychological counseling. It helps users access more convenient mental health services and improve their quality of life. The product operates on a pay-as-you-go model and is aimed at all users in need of mental health services. Its advantage lies in providing on-demand, modern mental health solutions.

Plutis (Providing online mental health services)

Target Audience:
“For all users in need of psychological counseling and assistance, such as those experiencing high stress, unstable emotions, sleep issues, etc., to access professional mental health services through this product.”

Example Use Cases:

  • User A engages in weekly video sessions with a psychologist through Plutis to alleviate work-related stress.
  • User B uses Plutis’ AI chatbot for assistance and advice on emotional issues.
  • User C subscribes to Plutis’ monthly service, using the AI-assisted features daily to receive personalized mental health guidance.

Tool Features:

  • Video communication with professional psychologists
  • AI-assisted psychological counseling

Tool Tags: Chatbot, Intelligent Chat

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