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rhetora AI is a cold calling assistant that provides call guidance, customer insights, and post-call automation to double conversion rates. By using an AI-driven knowledge base to create personalized scripts, openings, and rebuttals, and by improving closing rates through real-time simulated calls with AI. The AI real-time assistant offers best rebuttals, script continuations, or closings when addressing objections, eliminating anxiety and speeding up the learning curve. It also provides post-call automation, storing call records, filling out CRM, and automatically sending emails to clients, setting call reminders, and scheduling calls. No manual work, more meetings.

Target Audience:
Cold Calling

Example Use Cases:

  • Sales teams use rhetora AI to increase cold call conversion rates
  • rhetora AI helps sales representatives develop personalized scripts
  • Utilize simulated calls with rhetora AI to enhance sales skills

Tool Features:

  • Create personalized scripts and openings
  • Improve closing rates through real-time simulated calls
  • Provide real-time guidance for addressing objections
  • Automate storing call records and CRM filling
  • Automatically send emails, set call reminders, and schedule calls

Tool Tags: Intelligent Marketing, Intelligent Customer Service

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