OneAudio is an intelligent speech-to-text web application. It can help users convert voice records into well-organized written notes and realize the digitalization of voice thinking. The main functions include: real-time voice to text, intelligent summary of key points, support for multiple languages, online editing and modification, plan to launch support for uploading audio files and other functions. OneAudio is suitable for recording meetings, organizing notes, preparing for writing, studying and reviewing. It is simple and efficient to use, and can realize the digitization of speech thinking and the rapid extraction of knowledge.

Usage Scenario Examples:

  • Use OneAudio to record important meetings and get meeting notes
  • Record thought threads and intelligently generate written notes by OneAudio
  • Voice record text creation inspiration, and then OneAudio into shareable notes

The features of the tool:

  • Real-time voice to text
  • Smart summary key points
  • Supports multi-language conversion
  • Provides online editing and modification functions
  • The plan supports uploading audio files

Tool’s Tabs: Voice to text, efficiency assistant

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