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Outfit Anyone

Super high quality virtual fitting for any outfit and character




Outfit Anyone is an ultra-high quality virtual fitting product that enables users to try on different fashion styles without actually trying on clothes. By using a two-flow conditional diffusion model, Outfit Anyone has the flexibility to handle clothing deformations and produce more realistic results. It is scalable and can adjust factors such as posture and body shape, suitable for images from anime characters to real people. Outfit Anyone’s performance in a variety of scenarios highlights its usefulness and readiness for practical use.
Outfit Anyone
It is suitable for e-commerce platform, virtual fitting scene, cartoon character design, etc
Usage Scenario Examples:

  • E-commerce platform: Users can try on various clothing styles online to improve the shopping experience
  • Virtual fitting scenario: Users can try different clothing combinations through a mobile app
  • Anime character design: Designers can use Outfit Anyone to create a variety of costume styles for anime characters

The features of the tool:

  • Virtual fitting is realized based on conditional diffusion model
  • Handle fabric distortion to produce realistic effect
  • Scalable for a variety of body shapes and anime characters

Tool’s Tabs: Virtual fitting, image processing

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